Raymond Habesch

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Expert in Oil and Gas

Raymond Habesch is a member of the English Bar, graduating from the University of London with an LL.B and LL.M.

Professional Experience
Having practised law at the Bar for a number of years (English Courts), he subsequently joined the legal team of a LSE-listed industrial company. In Abu Dhabi, he worked as senior attorney with a multinational law firm then joined ADNOC as in house-counsel and a few years later became its Legal Division Manager. He took charge of the incorporation of ChemaWEyaat as its General Counsel, a position he held for numerous years. As in-house counsel he focused on transactional work in which the business angle played a major role.

Energy-related projects and infrastructure development, comprising management consultancy, engineering and construction, joint ventures, IPand transfer of process technology, claims analysis. Registered with ADCCAC, he also acted as arbitrator in several commercial and financial ADR processes.

Fluency in English, French and Arabic; working knowledge of Italian

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