Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurships

The economy diversification is a sine qua non condition to increase sources of revenue and fortify the national economy from the impact of international financial crisis and markets vicissitudes. And given that UAE became within this decade the second largest Arab economy, the consolidation of this position and the ambition to reach the summit is closely linked to the augmentation of the percentage share of local small and medium-sized enterprises above 25% of the total GDP (Gross National Product) in the horizon of 2025.

To fulfill this strategic economic objective, the small and medium-sized enterprises should benefit from a full and appropriate support including legal support given that they represent the largest share in the developed economies. Considering that it is established from a comparative perspective that the failure risk for this category of projects is higher during the first three years, the legal services are fundamental condition to ensure a good launch, a safe activation and a successful expansion.

That’s why we tailored a highly competitive legal package to meet the progressive needs of these projects because their protection is a contribution to the protection of our national economy.

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