UAE Investments Worldwide

The international investment of the surplus of the national income in a wise manner is a primordial condition to ensure regular income for the next generations. Also, the choice of investing internationally has this characteristic of being an opportunity and a risk.

And if the role of the economists is to prospect and forecast the markets that might provide in medium and long term the highest benefits, the role of international lawyers is to bring the legal knowledge of the targeted market(s) to elaborate legal framework that will enable the clients to take advantage of all the legal opportunities in the hosting country and to prevent the legal situations that might rise unexpected claims from Emirati individuals or institutional investors.

In ICLO, we are proud to share our international legal expertise of the European, North American and East Asian markets with our valuable clients and to present to the Emirati investors planning to invest abroad or to extend existing investments or to ameliorate the conditions of invested funds protection, “the advice that makes the difference” throughout our team and international partners.

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